The Fatea Showcase Sessions are designed to provide greater exposure to artists that have impressed the Fatea team. Some are already signed, others are carving a solo trail, releasing songs on their own labels, all are dedicated to their music

Fatea Showcase Sessions are exclusively available for a three month period after which is will never be available again. The Fatea Showcase Sessions are zip files containing high quality, 256kbs, drm free, mp3s.

Session 1 - SONGSMITHS - Summer 08

"Whilst the songs on The Fatea Showcase Sessions come to you, the listener at no charge, they are not free. The writers/performers have put money, time and effort into creating the songs on this compilation for your enjoyment. We hope that you take the time to visit the websites of the artists included here and consider purchasing their music. Fatea & Woven Wheat Whispers hope that this compilation gives you a taste for folk and roots orientated music and that you will seek out the works of the artists included in this compilation and in the wider music community."

"Songsmiths" is dedicated to the art of the singer songwriter. Each songwriter has their own style and we hope you'll appreciate each individuals efforts. "Songsmiths" was available from May 1st until July 31st.


Niall Quinn
Song:Looking After Me
Biography:Niall Quinn has won awards for both his voice and his writing. "A Vodka For The Girl Who Changed My World" His star is on the rise NME featured this hard grafting singer songwriter in a recent issue.

Song:Don't Let Me Fall
Biography:Ballsy folk from Leeds with a Damien Rice intensity and lifting female vocals, that can without warning spin off into PJ Harvey grungy rockůSee website for more details

Gary Fulton
Song:Crooked Path
Biography:Gary Fulton is a singer/songwriter from Cheshire. Having supported the likes of Nick Harper and Karima Francis and many more in 2007, 2008 sees the release of his yet to be titled debut album in the late spring

Marvin B Naylor
Song:Beautiful Balloon
Biography:I think the purpose of music should be to take the listener on a journey across a landscape of unpredictable terrain and weather, where the final destination is revealed only on arrival!!

Lou Brown
Song:These Arms
Biography:Lou Brown is a singer-songwriter who lives by the sea in Dorset. She writes songs about love - lost and found; about days - good and bad; about friends - new and old - about experiences, shared and personal

Daniel Spiller
Song:Not The Only One
Biography:Recording and playing live as 'Daniel Spiller And The Broken Record Project' touring the London circuit and busking on the underground as an official busker sponsored by Capital FM and The London Paper also check itunes

Belinda O'Holley
Song:All Stand In Line
Biography:Belinda O'Hooley hails from Yorkshire. She is best known for her songwriting and virtuoso piano playing in award winning folk band "Rachel Unthank & the Winterset". Now, striding out solo, Belinda is described as making fantastic, lasting, important songs.

Hi-Def-TV(Darren Plant)
Song:Without Saying A Word
Biography:With lyrical themes that possess dark and hidden aspirations familiar to us all, and gentle folk and blues guitar, Hi-Def-TV has a unique sound that is completely of it's time.

Stephen Reid
Song:Looking After Me
Biography:Stephen Reid's lyrics bring to life the emotions felt by many and takes them on a journey that they can identify with. His music plays out a story in the mind of the listener. You can see it, feel it.

Rose Red
Song:Turtle Race Turtle Power
Biography:Rosered is a pixie of perfection, writing silver-tongued melodies that you might dance to if you found yourself becharmed in a fairy ring. But listen to the lyrics and find yourself brought gently to earth by a healthy dose of realism. Just don't tell the pixies! Welcome to the world of Rosered.

Song:Mean Thing
Biography:Poppy weaves off kilter tales of urban life with the sweetest of folk melodies. With her simple guitar style and her strange and capturing voice, Poppy's honest observations of human behaviour amuses and captures her audience.

Gareth Davies-Jones
Biography:Gareth is a seasoned professional singer-songwriter/guitarist of whome it's said;It's really refreshing to hear a quality songwriter like Gareth Davies- Jones who has something to say and says it without fuss. Moving writing and all round class musicianship." Karine Polwart

Sean Taylor
Song:The Underworld
Biography:Sean Taylor is a 24 year old singer songwriter from London. He has played over 500 gigs in the last 6 years, including Glastonbury Festival and the 100 Club. His debut album, "Corrugations" was released in November 2006 to great acclaim. His second album "Angels" won 2007 Fatea Album Of the Year.

Alexander Murray
Song:Less Ordinary
Biography:Described by some as an 'urban poet', Scottish based Alexander Murray produces and uplifting, eclectic mix of heartfelt, soulful songs. His powerful, distinctive vocal and unique style of lyric help to rubberstamp his very own brand of contemporary folk.

Andy Whittle
Song:Friendly Fire
Biography:Andy Whittle's debut album, "Old Fashioned Dream" was named best debut album of 2006 in the Fatea Awards. On the back of the 2007 follow up, "A Songmaker's Tale" he was short listed for male vocal. Album number three should be with us soon

"Songsmiths" is dedicated to the art of the singer songwriter. Each songwriter has their own style and we hope you'll appreciate each individuals efforts. "Songsmiths" was available from May 1st until July 31st.